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TO: All Volunteers
RE: Your Health and Wellness

In our community,the hard work and commitment of volunteers is what keeps wheels turning.

It is extremely important for you to take care of yourselves and those around you as we continue to prepare for our Beloved Imam’s visit and Golden Jubilee celebrations. A healthy and alert volunteer is an effective volunteer. So,please take a moment to consider some important health tips that can help you serve most effectively.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you. STOP working and get medical attention if any of these things happen to you:

- Chest pain or pressure
- Difficulty breathing
- Feeling faint or shaky
- Nausea and vomiting
- Fatigue or exhaustion

If you have a medical condition,make sure you keep all your medications,sprays,puffers,and other supplies with you,and also keep extras in a separate place in case you lose them. Make sure to take your medications on time,and wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace for serious conditions.

If you are diabetic,stop to take your meals. Don’t let your diet become irregular,as that will throw your blood sugar off and confuse your body.

Be well rested prior to the most important days of service. Going without sleep the night before can significantly reduce your mental sharpness and physical ability. To serve better,take decent sleep the night before a planned event.

Daytime“catnaps”–even 15-30 minutes every few hours–are an effective way to keep yourself as“on the ball”as possible when you are only sleeping 4-6 hours at night.

Have healthy meals and snacks. While you are working so hard,your body needs food to keep up its energy level.

Drink plenty of water,especially while you are physically active. If you are drinking less than a glass of water every hour or two while hard at work,you run the risk of dehydration,heat exhaustion and heat stroke. When these things happen,they can have lasting health effects. Also avoid stimulants such as Power/Energy drinks as they can adversely affect your performance and behaviour. Also remember excessive caffeine can cause restlessness,palpitation and increases the frequency of your visit to the washroom

Get help when lifting heavy objects. Bend your knees and lift with your legs,not your back. A back injury will put you out of commission too,and sometimes you don’t know you’ve injured yourself until the next day.

Be smart about choosing your shoes. Poor grips put you at risk for injury from slips and falls. Also,uncomfortable shoes will keep you from working your best.

Encourage your colleagues to follow these tips as well,and keep an eye on each other. When someone appears to be slowing down or not doing well,advise and help them to take the necessary measures or seek medical attention.

You are the backbone of our community,so take care of your backbone,and the rest of you!


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